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Boudoir Photography Tips For A Flawless Shoot

Los Angeles Photographer Tiana from JustAGirlFromLA Photography has offered some valuable tips for anyone looking to book a boudoir photo session:Boudoir Photography Makeup - Passion For Make-Up - JustAGirlFromLA

Have you booked or are looking to book a Boudoir Photography session? Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your photo session.

Inspiration. Have an idea of what to do when you go in to the shoot. The web is your friend. Search, search, search. Take note of any poses, hairstyles, makeup looks, and clothing that inspire you. Bring photos and ideas to the shoot or email them to your photographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist beforehand. Good sources are the photographer’s websites, Pinterest boards, Google image seach, or even lingerie websites like Victoria’s Secret.

Direction. If your photographer gives you further direction, listen up! They know best, and you’ll thank them later when you see how awesome that really awkward pose looks in the end. Be confident! Don’t think for one minute that this is awkward for your photographer; it’s just another day at work! Nothing is worse than stress, and trust me, it’ll be written all over your face when you show up to yourBoudoir Photography - Passion For Make-Up - JustAGirlFromLA session sweaty and out of breath after running down the street to get there.

Time. Give yourself plenty of time. Photographer’s time usually starts when you arrive, not when you are finally dressed and ready. Have outfits planned out, or arrive before the photographer so you are ready to go when they arrive. The last thing you want are sports bra lines or if you wear tight underwear or pants, you may have pressure lines that will show up in photos. Again, getting there early gives you time for these lines to fade.

Beauty. Your everyday makeup will most likely not translate well into photography. Hire a professional makeup artist to get you camera ready. They will know exactly what to do to get your makeup and hair perfect for the camera. Fake tans are okay sometimes. If you’ve done them before, then go for it. I wouldn’t suggest trying it for the first time the day before the shoot!

Boudoir Photography Makeup - Passion For Make-Up - JustAGirlFromLA

Wardrobe and Accessories. Wear loose clothing to the shoot. If you are worried about messing up your hair and makeup, wear a button up shirt. Bring at least three to four outfits minimum. And, don’t forget shoes. Bring clothing for different moods, so that you are guaranteed to feel good in something, depending on what mood you’re in that day. Bring something sweet and innocent and bring something a little racy to make the most of your time! Bring your significant others’ fave team jersey and make it sexy! Bring jewelry and props you might want to use as well.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be sure to have an amazing boudoir session!

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