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How to clean your makeup brushes in 3 easy steps

What you will need:

– A brush cleaning solution like Cinema Secrets brush cleaner

– A small glass container

– A few paper towels
Step 1.

Pour some of the brush cleaner into the glass container and dip the brush tip into the cleaning solution. Make sure it’s only the tip and not the entire brush.



Step 2.

Run the bristles across the paper towel. Repeat step 1 until all the makeup comes off of the brush. Do the same for all your dirty brushes, except for your big fluffy brushes such as kabuki brushes, powder brushes, etc. I wash those with baby shampoo instead of the brush cleaning because those absorb a large amount of cleaning solution.



Step 3.

Once you have cleaned all your brushes, lay them flat on a paper towel to air dry. It’s important to lay them flat because if you let them dry standing up, the moisture from the bristles may travel into the base of the brush and loosen the glue causing the bristles to detach and end up all over your face when you apply your makeup.

Pro tip: Wash your brushes with baby shampoo once or twice a month. Rinse with water. Then apply hair conditioner and rinse again until all the conditioner comes off of your brushes. This will help the bristles of your natural fiber brushes restore their softness.

When I use the cinema secrets brush cleaner, I wait 25 – 30 minutes for the brushes to dry before using them again. I really like the cinema secrets solution because it gets the entire product out of the bristles and leaves them smelling a little bit like vanilla. It costs about $35 for a 32 oz bottle that will last you for a while. It also comes in smaller sizes for cheaper. Buy the brush cleaner by clicking here.

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